This thesis explores the use of gentrification as a catalyst to regenerate a decaying urban environment. The study will propose relocating Miami International University of Art & Design [MIU], the catalyst, to the existing urban art district, Wynwood, the decaying urban environment. Although gentrification generally carries a negative connotation, the type projected in this study promotes best interest for the community without displacing individuals. After all, gentrification’s main objective is neighborhood improvement. MIU will be creatively transformed using components defined by an urban university, in hopes of Wynwood’s Art District. As a reaction, the university will play a vital role in enhancing the community. This research will look into understanding Richard Florida’s 3 Ts (Technology, Talent, Tolerance) combined with Daniel Pink’s six senses (Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning) to develop a successful creative core. The new urban location will mutually benefit MIU and the community by contributing to the gentrification of Wynwood’s Art District, enhancing the image of both the university and the community. This study will reveal the benefits of relocating the university, and redirecting its growth from place to placemaking. The fusion of MIU and Wynwood’s Art District will result as an integrative link of place as symbol of cultural function. The objective is not only to showcase MIU, but to create an integral creative core that binds together institution and community.
3D [CG WORK] MIU.001-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.002-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.003-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.004-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.005-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.006-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.007-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.008-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.009-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.010-001 3D [CG WORK] MIU.012-001

Project Leader: Yadira Perez
Concept Design, Architect & Interior Designer
Associated Architect : Antonio Leon
Concept Design & 3D Model [CG Production]

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